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Ground Loop Design OnlineTM Overview

Welcome to Ground Loop Design OnlineTM, the first online design tool for the geothermal industry. Now you can design your ground heat exchangers online from any web-enabled computer.

Our new online design tool is based on GLD, our PC-centered design suite.

GLD online enables a designer to quickly size a heat exchanger for a residential application.


Overview Tab

Enter basic project information in the Overview tab.


Loads Tab

In the Loads tab, enter peak (kbtu/hr or kW) and annual loads here. More information about loads can be found here.


Select Pump Tab

In the Select Pump tab, choose from a range of manufacturers and a thousand plus heat pumps.


Physical Parameters Tab

In the Physical Parameters tab, enter soil information, fluid and pipe types and borehole separation.


Results Tab

The Results tab displays heat exchanger calculations. To modify the design, go back to one of the other tabs, make a change and then return to the Results tab. The online program emails you your results when you are satisfied with your design.


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